You Need Aerobic Exercise If You Want to Lose Wight(I)

01 Jan

If you want to lose weight, you won't do aerobic exercise, then your fat will definitely not be reduced. Weight loss is definitely a must for aerobic exercise, but it is not enough to lose weight to do aerobic exercise. You only do aerobic exercise every day, then are you really slimming down? Do you really understand what aerobic exercise is in weight loss?Steel Pipes


If the exercise is less than 25 minutes, it is not the basic standard of aerobic exercise. The aerobic exercise requires time and intensity. As a basic condition, if the time is too long, it will make your muscles run away and also overdraft your body. The correct aerobic exercise should be between 45 minutes and 60 minutes, and if you say that you feel uncomfortable in aerobic exercise, panting, it means that the exercise intensity is too large, on the contrary, if it is very Easy, talking and laughing, in this case, the exercise intensity is too small.If you want to achieve better weight loss goals, treadmills, for example, it is recommended to combine the speed of the aerobic, such as faster walk three minutes, medium speed two minutes, with a cycle of aerobic will get a better result. Don't do a constant aerobic exercise. If we repeat the same time every day and exercise the same, the same intensity will cause a bottleneck. Once the body adapts, the body's calorie consumption is greatly reduced and becomes very slow. We should be more enriched in our aerobic exercise, just as diverse as a diet. Let the body constantly adapt, adjust, and enhance, in order to have a breakthrough.

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