What you need to pay attention to in the layout of office furniture

23 Jun

In the value of the natural environment index of the company's office, the common name is lighting or chromaticity. Generally speaking, if people open windows and scratch the walls, the lighting will produce a fresh and bright office. The environment is similar to the environment in the basic theory, but in fact, this type is not only a clear factor of the office environment, but also related to office furniture. What is the actual logical relationship? Below, I will explain to you what you need to pay attention to in the layout of office furniture office desk for two.

the layout of office furniture

1. Reasonable layout of office furniture


The fresh and bright office environment may be a very bright, clean and orderly space brand image. This brand image is very important for office furniture, metal filing cabinets, high-end sofas, office coffee tables and other companies. It consists of office supplies and so on. How to place such office furniture and supplies is related to the overall brand image, which exceeds the fresh and bright expected effect. The upper, lower, left and right ends of the office furniture are aligned, and the planes between the office furniture are different. The degree should be lush and can be set when customizing office furniture. The direction of office furniture must be unified, but must be completely consistent. If it is even, it is symmetrical.

2. Structural specifications of office furniture


Today, many people like simple office furniture. The reason is that it is more artistic and affordable, but in fact everyone ignores it. Simple office furniture has a large total area of multi-dimensional space due to its simple structure. The small size makes the space less crowded, the natural ventilation is stronger, the expected effect of light penetration and the angle of refraction is stronger, and the space made of simple office furniture does look refreshing and bright.

3. Related to the tone interior design style of office furniture


The height of the light is directly related to the hue in the space. In addition to the human body in the building, the tone of office furniture is also an important part of the tone of space. If the color of the surface of the office furniture is dark brown, it will harm the refraction angle of the light and reduce the brightness of the space; if the color of the surface of the office furniture is milky white, maple color, and light yellow, the space will make the whole look refreshing and bright.


In short, in the whole process of house decoration and design decoration, we pay too much attention to the harm of window specifications on the chromaticity of the room, but ignore the fact that furniture can cause ignorance in the room.

When the company's buyers buy office chairs, they must find good office chair manufacturers to purchase office chairs.

Firstly, Production capacity:


The production capacity of office chair manufacturers directly affects the quality of office chairs. The quality of office chairs produced by manufacturers with good production capacity will not be a problem. In addition, manufacturers with strong production capacity are strong and capable. Work with such manufacturers to rest assured and at ease.


Second, Equipment Technology:


Without good equipment, high-quality office chairs cannot be produced. Similarly, high-quality office chairs cannot be produced without good production technology. Manufacturers with good production equipment and production technology are large manufacturers, not small workshops. The quality of large manufacturers is guaranteed, and the office chair is comfortable and safe to sit on.

Third, the brand:


Brands with good quality will be used by more large companies. Choose such office chair manufacturers to cooperate with confidence. After all, they have cooperated with many large enterprises, with good reputation in the industry and high customer satisfaction. Such manufacturers will not provide bad quality office chairs to smash their own brands!


Fourth, after-sales service:


Office chairs will cause damage to parts for a long time, so you must choose a manufacturer with after-sales service to buy office chairs. Manufacturers who don’t have after-sales office chairs that don’t work after paying the money don’t cooperate. In addition to after-sales service, it is also necessary to consider the overall service of the manufacturer. If the service attitude is good, cooperation can be considered.

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