Technology is the Means, Education is the Essence

26 Dec

How will education change in this era? With the development of artificial intelligence, people in the society will change their behaviors or ideas. Many standardized work will be replaced by robots. This requires everyone to have more creative thinking, cross-industry thinking, deep thinking, and critical thinking skills. It also requires everyone to turn the knowledge they have acquired into skills that can be used in practice. Combining technology and education to better help everyone find their own destiny may be the biggest challenge of this era.galvanized steel pipes 

The future trend is technology empowerment education to achieve individualized education for students

To put it simply, the future trend is to realize the personalized education of each student through the means of technology empowerment education. This statement is not new. As early as 2,000 years ago, Confucius, the first teacher in China, put forward the concept of "teaching students in accordance of their aptitude". To achieve the individualized education of students, the most rude practice is to invite all kinds of subject experts to take turns and give lectures to this student. In the process, students receive feedback from the students, constantly understand the students, and constantly help the students. This incident was also done more than 2,000 years ago. It is Socrates in ancient Greece. He is a philosopher and a very good educator. He has a famous saying, "People, know yourself." It was engraved in front of the Temple of Delphi in Greece. The way he teaches is to never give the students answers, but to ask a variety of questions and then debate with the students. In the process, the students ask more questions and then organize more debates. What is this process for? Socrates summed up the answer: the essence of education is to let everyone know about themselves. The deeper each person's perception of himself reflects the deeper his understanding of the world, the nature and the truth. In the process, he can better find a unique path suitable for his own development.

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