how to better maintain the steel file cabinet

17 Jun

The steel file cabinet is also widely existed in the company. The steel file cabinet also needs to be maintained, so how to better maintain the steel file cabinet? commercial office furniture suppliers tell us.

1. Precautions for the transportation of steel filing cabinet; during the transportation, only prevent bumps and rust caused by damage to the surface.

2. Precautions after arriving at the destination; the arrangement shall be carried out with care, with a certain degree of adherence and a certain distance from the wall.

3. Environmental precautions for the arrangement of the paperboard; the arranged ground shall be dry to prevent moisture and alkalization. In case of war with acid and alkali liquid, the cabinet body shall be protected against corrosion.

4. Keep the cabinet clean. If appearance is not clean, please wipe with detergent first, and then wipe with dry cloth. When corrosive articles are arranged in the cabinet, they shall be prevented from fighting directly with the exterior of the cabinet.

the steel file cabinet

5. Use accurate methods to unlock the lock in case of damage to the lock body. When opening and closing cabinet doors and drawers, they should be opened and closed gently to prevent violent impact. Don't knock the cabinet with solid objects, and don't use sharp objects to classify the appearance of the cabinet.

Office Furniture Customization, from the beginning to now, has always occupied a large share in the office furniture industry.

In today's office furniture market, office furniture customization is more and more suitable for today's consumer market, and more and more consumers are also absorbed. In this aspect, the enterprise also has a full play. However, office furniture customization pays more attention to characteristics and civilization, and there are no plans in terms of specifications. Therefore, some black hearted office furniture factories will apply this flaw in materials Make hands and feet on materials and devices.

Office Furniture Customization is usually impossible to carry out mass production, most of the received orders are special, the size and color of each office furniture are unparalleled Wuhan Office furniture, the material consumption is relatively large, and the manufacturing of workers is also relatively cumbersome, so the cost base is two to three times that of General Office furniture, which also causes the center to be greasy More and more.

So far, the environmental protection products of Duyi have the certification of "China environmental mark" and "green product", which is the official formal certification. This is also the most advanced environmental protection product certification, certification link and strict, the latter is a kind of certification with notarization for the environmental function of the product, which can make the most reasonable evaluation for office furniture for the comprehensive environmental quality of the product.

When choosing office furniture, consumers need to see the product quality test report of office furniture. On the test report, Duyi clearly indicates the material and formaldehyde content of office furniture. For the certification of environmental protection office furniture, consumers are expected to polish their eyes to identify the true and false, and do not trust the environmental protection certification easily.

According to the observation, we know that the contemporary office furniture has certain stability, such as the standard pattern of the stability of the plate type filing cabinet. When the moving part of the unsteadiness filing cabinet is opened, it can be used to test the bearing capacity of the filing cabinet. In the furniture such as the desk, it can test the durability and strength of the desktop, and use the static load test method of the desktop degree to check the calculation How to get the result of the bearing capacity of the desktop can effectively detect the firmness of office furniture.

Starting from the mechanical point of view is to suffer from other different forces under the same premise, such as overload, distortion, meandering, contraction and so on. If it can't reach the standard, it will directly affect the life and safety function of office furniture. These are all within the mechanical function limit.

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