Education For Architecture And Engineering(I)

02 Jan

Architectural engineering is very important major in colleges and Universities. No matter which countries, I trust they must own itself landmark’s building and wonderful building to attract the most of oversea tourists and improve its position around the world. Certainly, we have to know one thing that the countries owned wonderful building must have architectural engineering talents and systematic courses for their students. Well, let us have a read about real case of complete building with excellent architectural engineering elite. Actually, it is the underground hotel in Shanghai City, China.Steel Pipes Manufacturers 


World’s First Underground Hotel

There is the report from XinHua press, China. The first underground hotel of world will open to the public in Shanghai on 20th November, 2018. 3 inch galvanized square tubing.

The underground hotel is located 30km from central Shanghai in eastern China, close to Sheshan Mountain National Forest Park and Chenshan Mountain botanical Garden. The underground hotel was built on a former abandoned quarry as 80 meters underground. Sixteen of the hotel’s eighteen floors are underground, while other two floors in the hotel’s 10-meter aquarium are completely underwater.

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